Teaser from my book- Unedited & Raw

She shook her head in denial with closed eyes, and attempted to push his hands off her shoulders. “I can’t, Killian. If I become pack, if I become attached to everyone-“

“What Cat? You’ll have someone else to care about? You’ll be able to do something besides chase a cool-couple-hot-kiss-love-Favim.com-246706cold trail, a trail that has no beginning because you don’t even know where to start?” His insides churned with annoyance at her weak excuses. Cat wasn’t supposed to be the damsel in distress, she was strong, and the ideal of vengeance had turned her into a weak, needy being. Holding fast to his grip on her shoulders, he shook her slightly, causing her to open her eyes and look at him.

What he saw swirling in their icy depths caused his heart to ache. She seemed so lost, looking for a reason to belong beyond her past. Moisture pooled just above her bottom eyelashes at her apparent realization that she had nothing. The sweet intoxication that was Cat tempted him, pulled him closer to a boundary he swore he would wait for. But he was done waiting. Desperation made him cross the line. The desperate need to have her want him, to need him, and to stay in Wolf Creek.

“Dammit Cat…” He murmured, just as he dropped his lips to hers….


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