Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover|Review

Ugly Love

Synopsis: When Tate Collins meets airline pilot Miles Archer, she knows it isn’t love at first sight. They wouldn’t even go so far as to consider themselves friends. The only thing Tate and Miles have in common is an undeniable mutual attraction. Once their desires are out in the open, they realize they have the perfect set-up. He doesn’t want love, she doesn’t have time for love, so that just leaves the sex. Their arrangement could be surprisingly seamless, as long as Tate can stick to the only two rules Miles has for her.
Never ask about the past.
Don’t expect a future.

They think they can handle it, but realize almost immediately they can’t handle it at all.

Hearts get infiltrated.
Promises get broken.
Rules get shattered.
Love gets ugly.

My Review: Two Heart Rating

It hurts my heart to give this book such a low rating. It also hurts my heart that this book has such amazing reviews, but I can understand the appeal of it.

I’m going to start with my positives on this book. Honestly, the story itself is devastating, and the end is absolutely beautiful. The brokenness of Miles and the healing of their relationship is like watching a child grow. Miles doesn’t want a serious relationship, doesn’t feel that he needs it in his life, while Tate is just too busy. She’s studying to get her Masters in Nursing, while working full time as an RN, so she’s extremely busy. So they agree on a deal: Sex with no ties. Sounds usual right? I mean…we all know how those stories end right?

And that’s basically the only positive I had.

The style in which it was written. I don’t know what CoHo was trying to establish with the writing style, but it completely ruined most of Miles flashbacks for me. Because they were written like those childhood poems that we used to read in Elementary school.

The ugly parts of love can’t lift you up.
They bring you
They hold you under.
Drown you.
You look up and think, I wish I was up there.
But you’re not.
Ugly love becomes you.
Consumes you.
Makes you hate it all.
Makes you realize that all the beautiful parts aren’t even worth it. Without the beautiful, you’ll never risk feeling this.
You’ll never risk feeling the ugly.
So you give it up. You give it all up. You never want love again, no matter what kind it is, because no type of love will ever be worth living through the ugly love again.
I’ll never let myself love anyone again, Rachel.

It’s just…too much for me. I’m sure other people loved it. People love these kinds of things as is evidenced in the reviews. Honestly, I probably could have dealt with it, if it weren’t for the immaturity of the characters’ monologues. I honestly felt like 90% of the time I was reading a 16 year old monologue, not mid-twenties.

He laughs with relief. “Yes.” The word yes is so much more beautiful coming from his mouth, laced with that voice. He could probably make any word beautiful. I try to think of a word I hate. I kind of hate the word ox. It’s an ugly word. Too short and clipped. I wonder if his voice could make me love that word. “Say the word ox.” His eyebrow rises, like he’s wondering if he heard me right. He thinks I’m weird. I don’t care. “Just say it,” I tell him. “Ox,” he says, with slight hesitation. I smile. I love the word ox. It’s my new favorite word

Another thing I didn’t like was Tate. I liked Miles (and all his weird insecurities, even his weirdly written flashbacks), I loved Cap, I even loved her brother Corbin, but Tate..*smh* Her lack of self-esteem and the way she handled the whole relationship just really brought the story down. There’s a couple of spoilers I could give to really solidify my dislike of her, but honestly I don’t want to give anything like that.

I honestly think this is a novel that you’re either going to love tremendously, or you’re going to have no problem putting it down. I know that I sometimes struggled on whether I even wanted to finish it, which rarely happens to me.Signature


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