Beta Reading, Babies, and a Giveaway



I’ve been a member on Goodreads for quite some time now. What originally started out as just a site to keep track of my TBR and finished books, has now become a domain for authors/readers. The forums are stock full of reading challenges, cover designers, professional reviewers, and beta readers. It’s like Candyland for aspiring authors like myself.

As somebody who is hoping to publish my book, I have looked up numerous advice on ways to build a reputation in the reading and writing world. There are so many different opinions, and of course it all circles around the type of publishing I’m interested in: Self Publishing or Publisher.

One of the main piece of advice was building a following. These people already enjoy the way you write and are more likely to buy or share your novel once it comes out. Believe it or not, building a following is actually quite difficult when you haven’t finished a novel yet!

In order to get more experience and to make a relationship with other authors, I thought it was a genius idea to start beta reading on top of the thousands of things I do a day. Who said this was genius? Definitely not my brain anymore!

After posting on a group on Goodreads, I was bombarded with emails left and right. Numerous amounts of people begging for beta readers. Luckily I posted that I was very picky about what I would and would not read, so I was able to get rid of a couple of those emails.

Maybe I’m mistaken, but I’m pretty sure Beta Reading is not editing. I was under the impression that we are more of content editors. We find plot holes, character issues, and minor grammar mistakes that tumblr_ljxtx8L1u61qhf7rwo1_400pop out at us. Yet here I am, rewriting sentences, deleting or adding commas, leaving a million comments that scream “MORE DETAILS!”

<– Yes. This is what I’ve been feeling like while I read some of these. I sometimes want to stop and send them an email back with a nice little note that says please proofread this TWICE before you send it back to me. Then I will beta read it.

What happened to me? I used to be this very blunt, confidant person. But when it comes to the writing world I’m like “May I have some more, please?” (Yes. Cue the adorable British accent from Oliver).

So if I haven’t been reviewing in a while, I apologize. I’m pretty sure my mind is frying from beta reading. I am in the process of reading a novel…and writing one…and beta reading one…

That’s a lot of processes.

Not to mention I’m a mom and a college student. WHY?!?! I signed up for this right? Somebody slap me now.

By the way…these are my adorable children. So I take care of them all day too:11084186_10206427951359611_577461914621987856_o10556967_10205448188986164_2566106139108151584_o


Oh! Giveaways!

I have this beautiful post from a couple days ago regarding a marvelous giveaway. There is an ebook copy of Wash Me Away up for grabs, and also a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Check out the post here: Giveaways

Just make sure to leave a comment on that post and share it in order to be entered for the ebook!

Does anyone else feel overwhelmed by life lately?


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