Guess what?!?!

I haven’t posted about it yet on here, so I wanted to pop in and mention it.

About a week ago, I actually typed those two amazing words at the end of my WIP. THE END is written in 36pt bold font below the last paragraph of my novel. I’m pretty sure I did the little happy dance at the end.

I mean, how exhilerating is it to finally be able to say I finished a novel. And a 94,000 word novel at that.

But now it’s on to the hard part.


That hard part? You may be asking this… because writing a novel  seems like the hardest part. But it is most definitely not.

Beta readers and a critique partner have been going through my manuscript, ripping pieces out of my novel and editing all my ‘That’s”; those pesky words that have crept past my careful eyes. And I sit here, both crying and laughing maniacally through it all.

So if you would like to follow me on this beautiful adventure, stay tuned. Here’s my author website (temporary until I can afford a paid one):

And here’s a teaser of my novel: Lost in Vengeance



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