~*REVIEW*~ Limitless by Danielle Ione

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Publisher: Booktrope Publishing
Release Day: October 1st, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance Suspense


Knox appears to have the perfect life. He’s a photographer, living on the beach in sunny southern California, and a father of an intelligent little boy. Although, not everything is as it seems. Underneath it all, Knox lives a lonely life, filled with meaningless moments leading up to the 60 minutes he spends with his son every day. Until he met Emery Jane. Suddenly, the black and white world he lives in becomes brighter and the void of loneliness disappears. But, Knox holds a secret, one that could crush the promises of a future with the one woman he has grown to love, and the son he would do anything for.

Six years ago, Emery Jane ran. She ran from her past, from the people she loved, the secrets that were buried six feet under, and from her own living, breathing nightmare. Emery Jane longs for a life of normalcy and living in paradise seems like the perfect place to find it. She never expected to meet Knox, or his beautiful little boy, and she certainly didn’t expect to love them so fiercely. As she embraces the unexpected she can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, showing her that life doesn’t always have to be so unnerving. But Emery Jane knows that with secrets come destruction, and that destruction is knocking on her door.

As their pasts collide, inviting havoc into their lives, their limits are tested as they try to survive. Will the evils that chase them win, bringing everything crashing down around them? Or, can they both fight through the darkness and live a life of happiness?

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About the Author:Danielle Ione Author Photo

I’m a mama of an amazing set of twins, and a wife to a pretty cool dude. I live off of coffee, books, and sarcasm. I mean, there’s no other way to live, is there? I’m not a romantic person, not really anyway. So I always find it humorous that I only read and write romance, as if it were ingrained in me. My addiction to reading turned into a love for writing. And in all reality, writing is what keeps me sane. Any spare moment I have in my entirely too crazy life, I spend spilling the words from my head onto paper.

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My Review:

 Emotional, enchanting, and just the right amount of fairytale to make my inner dreamer squee with glee.

This is a debut novel by Danielle Ione, and  I have really been knocked over by the amount of great debuts I’ve been reading lately.

This novel is about Emery Jane, a girl on the run from her past. From the monster that lurks in the dark and threatens her very existence. But she’s exhausted of running and wants to settle down, have a home that consists of more than a small bag of clothes and no furniture. After some convincing from a friend, she rents an apartment near the beach–right down the hall from the sexy, slightly intimidating, Knox.

Knox was very real to me, and his inner strength really made me want to just hold him in a hug, pat him on the back, and tell him things would work out for the best. After a relationship with a girl who he really shouldn’t have, he is blessed with a beautiful little boy. When she rips his son from his arms not long after his birth, Knox is willing to do anything in order to spend just a small hour a day with his little boy. Haunted by a secret and barely holding on to his sanity, his world is rocked when Emery Jane moves in.

Together, the two characters overcome their personal battles, building each other up when the rest of the world is desperate to bring them down.

One thing I love about Danielle’s writing is that it’s all about emotion. Sometimes you read romance, and it feels like it’s centrally focused on the sexual tension. When will they sleep with each other? Is it this chapter? Oh, no it’s just a kiss. Mind you, I LOVE a good spicy read. But reading Limitless really brought out the emotions. It focused on how two people with horrible pasts learn to love each other, trust each other, and turn to each other when in need. It’s not one of those romances full of doubt of the relationship, but more of a doubt of themselves. Were they worthy of a love so pure?

A book that tugs on my every heartstring, Limitless has become a top fave for me. I’m looking forward to any other novels this author writes, and I hope that you will as well.Signature


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