Welcome to my first #FirstLineFriday post!

If you’re interested in joining up, feel free to create a post on your blog titled #FirstLineFriday. Write your first one or two lines in a published work, a work-in-progress, or a future project. You can share the link to your blog on my comments, or on Rami Ungar’s blog (the person who created FLF).

My #FirstLineFriday is from the third in my Wolf Creek Shifters series, which I’m currently writing!

What the hell am I doing here?
Aidan Wood swiped the sweat from his forehead for the umpteenth time that day. The California sun blazed down on him, even as he tried to find shelter from the trees surrounding the large yard. Killian’s yard. The Alpha of the Wolf Creek pack, who would probably rather eat a rotten carcass than spend time with Aidan. But Cat, Killian’s mate, had all but begged Aidan to come to their mating ceremony, even playing the “you saved my life, so you have to come” card— though he knew she wouldn’t have almost died if Aidan had stepped up and prevented it from happening.


Want to check out the first of the series, Lost in Vengeance?


Shifter Catrina Macintyre roamed the wilderness of Alaska as a lone wolf for six years. Imprisoned in her wolf form by a promise to her mother, she seeks the opportunity to discover the truth about her parents’ murders. When an Alpha saves her and takes her to his pack, she has to decide whether he will aide her…or destroy her.

Killian Stone is the Alpha of Wolf Creek, determined to save what the Shifter race is quick to dismiss or kill: lone-Shifters. After years of disappointment, finding Cat was a relief. That is until the intriguing and challenging she-wolf reveals that her past could put his pack in danger.

Their undeniable attraction toward each other threatens to collapse Cat’s defensive walls. She’s torn between the hope of a future, and the lingering pain of her past. The truth may be more than either of them anticipated, threatening not only Cat, but the whole Shifter race.

Will Killian convince Cat to abandon her quest for vengeance before it destroys them all?

Amazon Link: https://goo.gl/RqrpCa
Barnes and Noble: http://goo.gl/3vPI0A
LooseID: http://goo.gl/PrdS6S
Goodreads: https://goo.gl/NtbCQk
Kobo: https://goo.gl/JEiM1t


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