A Different Christmas ~*Review*~

Blank bookcover with clipping path

Blank bookcover with clipping path


A Different Christmas

Two people. Two upbringings. One Christmas.

Sam was brought up to her happy family gathering at Christmas. Filled with many traditions that as an adult she thought were normal for everyone.

Getting ready to finish work for the holidays to go home to her family in Scotland, was her idea of fun and relaxation. Well, that was until her boss, Luke, told her he was dragging her to New York for work.
Much to Sam’s irritation, she has to go along and attend New York before flying home on Christmas Eve.

Luke grew up with parents that had a multimillionaire company and wanted for nothing. Apart from a family to celebrate Christmas with.

Luke grew up thinking he had what everyone had at Christmas, until he grew up and realized that Christmas is a family occasion.

Two characters that clash at the slightest thing is a recipe for disaster. Throw Sam and Luke into New York and it is either a make or break for their working relationship.

Would Christmas be different after this year?

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It was interesting to read a Christmas focused novel during Halloween, but it didn’t make it weird. In fact, A Different Christmas was a nice book! The only way I can think to describe this book is “sweet”.  Sam and Luke  know each other before the book even begins. Sam is Luke’s assistant, and absolutely despises her boss. She basically thinks he’s an insensitive asshole.

You can imagine her joy when she finds out that she has to spend a few days in New York with him before she can go home for Christmas.

The two of them are adorable as they discover more about each other and start to fall in love. It isn’t an easy process, especially for the slow Sam.

I wouldn’t consider this book “erotic, or “steamy” for that matter, but it was still a very heart-warming and beautiful read.

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