~*Review*~ Beneath the Blue Moon by Alana Sapphire



I’m not looking for Mr. Right, not even Mr. Right Now. I have responsibilities that don’t leave room for a relationship. Still, a girl has needs. After moving to Canid and meeting the small town’s sheriff, I think he may just be the one to fulfill them. Ethan McKenzie is almost perfect. His one flaw? He wants to settle down. He’s determined to prove he’s the one for me, and when I stare into his chocolate eyes, I’m inclined to believe. However, the sheriff has secrets. Ones that could cost me my life.

Being the alpha of a wolf pack isn’t easy. Not having a mate makes it even harder, especially with trouble brewing. The moment I caught a whiff of Casey Bryan’s scent, I knew she was mine. But she’s human. A purebred—alpha or not—mating with a human is unheard of. I not only have to convince her, but the entire pack, that she’s the one. My secret puts her in danger, but I will protect her with my life. I’ve waited too long for her. Nothing will keep me from her.

**This is a standalone**



About the Author:13452763

International bestselling author Alana Sapphire has a great love for writing and music, and always finds a way to combine the two. Her books, though in various subcategories, are all in the Erotic Romance genre. Like a little suspense with your romance? So does Alana! Pick up one of her books and you’ll get romance, suspense, drama, and lots of sexy time. With books ranging from MC to paranormal, an Alana story is out there for you. Her characters are like old friends—near and dear to her heart—and she hopes for her readers to enjoy them as much as she does.

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Paranormal romance is my jam. There’s something about a sexy ass Alpha that gets my blood boiling, so of course I had to dive into Alana Sapphire’s new PNR.

There was something truly captivating about this book. Ethan’s dominant yet gentle way of handling Casey was perfect. He was overbearing, but also very sweet. Casey wasn’t necessarily a weak female in the story…in fact she kind of kicked ass, but not in a way that was annoying.

Alana created a perfect balance between sexy and sweet.

I loved, loved, loved Ethan. He was definitely a top guy for me and has gone up there with some of my top tasty book boyfriends.

Alana nailed her sex scenes…pardon the pun. There were a lot of them, but each one was delish.

I definitely recommend to those who want a super sexy, panty-melting paranormal romance with an Alpha that will have you “clawing” at your pages.


~*Review*~ Mafia Ties Box Set eARC review–Fiona Daveport




Nic DeLuca is used to taking what he wants. Born to lead a powerful mafia family, he’s not in the habit of asking for permission—or forgiveness. He’s willing to cross any boundary when it comes to possessing what he considers to be his, and from the moment he laid eyes on Anna Martin, he knew she was meant for him.

Nic is quick to move the innocent nanny into his home… and his bed. But, he hides his dark side from Anna. The deception is necessary to ensure she falls for him before she realizes exactly who he is.

Anna Martin was looking for a nanny position, but she found more than she bargained for when she fell for single dad Nic DeLuca. When she finds out he’s a mafia boss, her head tells her to run but her heart tells her to stay. With his baby girl in the hospital, Anna stands by her man in his time of need. But when danger swirls around them, will they manage to find happiness together?

It didn’t take long for Nic DeLuca and Anna Martin to fall in love. The mafia boss and innocent nanny may seem like an odd match, but their devotion to each other is absolute.

When Anna is taken by a rival family, Nic will go to any lengths to rescue her—and ensure nobody touches what’s his ever again.

Releasing September 19th, 2016!!



About the Author:14798264

Hello! My name is Fiona Davenport and I’m a smutoholic. I’ve been reading raunchy romance novels since… well, forever and a day ago it seems. And now I get to write sexy stories and share them with others who are like me and enjoy their books on the steamier side. Fiona Davenport is my super-secret alias, which is kind of awesome since I’ve always wanted one.

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My Review

Holy. Freaking. Hotness.


Let me make one point absolutely clear about these books. They aren’t your normal, long, drawn-out romances. It’s a box set of three, short novellas. It’s one of those stories that run head-first into kissing, love, and all that jazz, to the point where it’s unbelievable. So if you don’t want that…I’m sorry but this isn’t for you.

Now with that out of the way, let me say it again. Holy. Freaking. Hotness.

Fiona Davenport officially rocked my world with these sexy little shorts. Nic is like a wet dream written on paper (or on a screen). He’s fierce, protective, and knows what he wants. He has no problems expressing his emotions, and comes straight to Anna (Gianna) right away.

The sex scenes were delicious and enticing. I can’t say I’m surprised considering who is writing under this alias, though. 😉 I’m a huge fan of one of the author’s other work, and she didn’t let me down.

One thing I didn’t like about this book: Gianna.


I’m so sorry. I really tried to like her.

I just do not like weak females. I was expecting some Italian fierceness. I expected someone who would take on being a Mafia leader’s woman like a champ, and Gianna severely let me down.  This is just personal preference and one reason why I didn’t give it five stars. I wanted to give it five stars…I really did. But…Gianna.

I really liked the series, so much so that I finished it in less than a day (with work and everything). Short, sweet, and deliriously sexy, the Mafia Ties Box Set is the perfect read when you’re tired of the typical brooding, non-emotional Alpha male.


Welcome to my first #FirstLineFriday post!

If you’re interested in joining up, feel free to create a post on your blog titled #FirstLineFriday. Write your first one or two lines in a published work, a work-in-progress, or a future project. You can share the link to your blog on my comments, or on Rami Ungar’s blog (the person who created FLF).

My #FirstLineFriday is from the third in my Wolf Creek Shifters series, which I’m currently writing!

What the hell am I doing here?
Aidan Wood swiped the sweat from his forehead for the umpteenth time that day. The California sun blazed down on him, even as he tried to find shelter from the trees surrounding the large yard. Killian’s yard. The Alpha of the Wolf Creek pack, who would probably rather eat a rotten carcass than spend time with Aidan. But Cat, Killian’s mate, had all but begged Aidan to come to their mating ceremony, even playing the “you saved my life, so you have to come” card— though he knew she wouldn’t have almost died if Aidan had stepped up and prevented it from happening.


Want to check out the first of the series, Lost in Vengeance?


Shifter Catrina Macintyre roamed the wilderness of Alaska as a lone wolf for six years. Imprisoned in her wolf form by a promise to her mother, she seeks the opportunity to discover the truth about her parents’ murders. When an Alpha saves her and takes her to his pack, she has to decide whether he will aide her…or destroy her.

Killian Stone is the Alpha of Wolf Creek, determined to save what the Shifter race is quick to dismiss or kill: lone-Shifters. After years of disappointment, finding Cat was a relief. That is until the intriguing and challenging she-wolf reveals that her past could put his pack in danger.

Their undeniable attraction toward each other threatens to collapse Cat’s defensive walls. She’s torn between the hope of a future, and the lingering pain of her past. The truth may be more than either of them anticipated, threatening not only Cat, but the whole Shifter race.

Will Killian convince Cat to abandon her quest for vengeance before it destroys them all?

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~*Review*~ I Saw You by Elena M. Reyes

I Saw You

Success brought fame.

With fame came money.

And money brought every single whore to worship at his feet.

Chester Green has it all living the coveted life as rock’s hottest front man—traveling, partying, and in every city, burying himself between the thighs of a groupie or two. He gorged on the perks for more than a decade until life became dull, and the taste of a woman became bland on his tongue. Nothing excited him. Nothing, until the day life literally crashed into him.

Arianna Garcia is tough, fiery, and doesn’t back down or fall sway to his charms. She isn’t a groupie, making the hunt so much harder and the rewards so much sweeter. His money and fame mean nothing to her.

All he wanted was to relax and release some pent up tension.

Now all he wants is her.

The chase is on.


My Review

I received a copy of this for an honest review.

I’m a new reader to Elena Reyes, and I’m not surprised to see what a following she has. I Saw You is her upcoming release.

I love a good rockstar romance. There’s just something so sexy about someone being so famous, having any girl they want, yet they decide on this one girl and want her forever. Not to mention they’re usually exceptionally hot appearance-wise haha.

I Saw You was no exception.

Chester, despite his “cheesy” name, is a captivating man, and he knows it. He loves his bandmates and believes in loyalty, and when he discovers the gorgeous Arianna Garcia, or “Slim”, she challenges everything about his life.

I actually really liked Arianna. She didn’t want to put up with Chester’s shit, was confident, successful, and not whiney. She was a firecracker, that’s for sure.

I’m a member of #IHateYouAshley and #MotherfckingAshley club because OMG. That girl drove me nuts. Typical woman scorned type deal.

Overall, this story was pretty good. I think that the prologue could have easily been omitted because it gave a lot away, but I still enjoyed reading it. The sex scenes were phenomenal and the chemistry between Chester and Slim was great (despite it being the typical immediate attraction deal).

I highly recommend this steamy read to any of my friends and followers who enjoy a sexy rockstar romance. And I mean…come on…look at that cover *drool*

About the Author

Elena M. Reyes was born and raised in Miami Florida. She is the epitome of a Floridian and if she could live in her beloved flip-flops, she would.
As a small child, she was always intrigued with all forms of art—whether it was dancing to island rhythms, or painting with any medium she could get her hands on. Her first taste of writing came to her during her fifth grade year when her class was prompted to participate in the D. A. R. E. Program and write an essay on what they’d learned.
Her passion for reading over the years has amassed her with hours of pleasure. It wasn’t until she stumbled upon fanfiction that her thirst to write overtook her world. She now resides in Central Florida with her husband and son, spending all her down time letting her creativity flow and letting her characters grow.

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~*Review*~ The Lessons by Elizabeth Brown

The Lessons (Off-Limits, #1)The Lessons by Elizabeth Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to rate this book. It’s around 3.5 to 4 stars.

Honestly, the story-line was really interesting to me. The sex therapist trope was really awesome and I felt that Elizabeth had a real good grasp on how her story was meant to portray anything.

Mind you, this is a pretty erotic romance. I’m sure that the blurb tips you off that this isn’t your mama’s bodice-ripping romance with words like manhood and womanly mound. This gets gritty. BUT Elizabeth did a pretty good job of establishing some loving characters.

I adored Natalie and her inner monologue. She was funny, sweet, and a pretty awesome character all around…but Ryan…oh fucking Ryan….*swoon*

I hadn’t accounted for him being in his soccer uniform. Or outfit. Or whatever you called the shirtless-ness that was now in front of me. He was sweaty, glistening, tan, and toned and-my God-with those tattoos he looked like David fucking Beckham.

David fucking Beckham, ladies.

Swoon, thy name is Ryan Andrews. I thought I was going to pass out right there.

“You came!” he said, slowing to a walk as he saddled up to me, grinning.

Uh, yes, right in my pants. Right now. Practically.

Yes. Ryan is pretty freaking delicious ladies.

The chemistry between the two of them is pretty spectacular as well. There’s some pretty cheesy lines, but, you know, it didn’t bother me as much as it does in some books. It kind of just went with the comedy.

Overall, this book was pretty good. It was a lot of erotic sex with an interesting plot, but it was really good. I’d recommend it to my friends who enjoy this kind of book 🙂

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#CoverReveal: Moonshot by Alessandra Torre






Title: Moonshot

Author: Alessandra Torre

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Sports Romance

Release: July 4th, 2016

Cover Artist: Sommer Stein at Perfect Pear Creations

Model: McKinli Hatch

Photographer: Perrywinkle Photography




Baseball isn’t supposed to be a game of life and death…

The summer that Chase Stern entered my life, I was seventeen. The daughter of a legend, the Yankees were my family, their stadium my home, their dugout my workplace. My focus was on the game. Chase … he started out as a distraction. A distraction with sex appeal poured into every inch of his six foot frame. A distraction who played like a god and partied like a devil.

I tried to stay away. I couldn’t.

Then, the team started losing.

Women started dying.

And everything in my world broke apart.




baseball ball_itunes



Author PhotoAlessandra Torre is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of eleven novels. Her books focus on romance and suspense, all with a strong undercurrent of sexuality. Torre has been featured in such publications as Elle and Elle UK, co-hosted Dirty Sexy Funny with Jenny McCarthy, as well as guest blogged for the Huffington Post and RT Book Reviews. She is also the Bedroom Blogger for Cosmopolitan.com.

You can learn more about Alessandra on her website at www.alessandratorre.com, or you can find her on Twitter (@ReadAlessandra) or Facebook.


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~*Cover Reveal*~ J.L. Beck’s Royal Prick #Giveaway #Excerpt

+++++ COVER +++ REVEAL ++++++
EXCERPT. GIVEAWAY. Royal Prick Book Cover
“He was more than just my stepbrother…”
Royal is a prick.

A sexy as hell prick.

The I need and want to screw you right now kind of prick.

The arrogant, I can do and f*ck whoever I want to type.

He’s so self-entitled that I want to punch him in the face, yet kiss him at the same time.

I hate him but at the same time, still want him.

A darkness surrounds him. He has secerts. For instance where he sneaks off to almost every night.

He’ll break my heart and my headboard if let him.

I wanted Royal, but could I handle his darkness?

We all have secrets we want to keep, but I plan on unraveling his.
Copyright J.L. Beck 2016

“You almost killed him Royal.” Sasha punched Royal in the arm, forcing him to turn his black orbs on her. I could tell the person she knew him as, was gone. In its place was a cold, heartless man.

            “Good.” He scoffed brushing her away so he could rip off his shirt that was covered it grass, blood, and dirt. I stood there in awe, and terror of what I had just seen and what would happen next. Then the darkness in his eyes turned on me and I did the one and only thing I knew I could do.

            I ran. I hauled ass to my jeep, by passing Jordan, and everyone else. She would be okay. It was me who wouldn’t be if I didn’t get the hell out of here right this second. My breaths came out in pants, as I ran to my jeep. I could hear heavy footfalls behind me but couldn’t stop not even for a second to look and see who it was that was following me.

            “Go ahead run from me Noelle. Just know that when you get home I’ll be there waiting for you.” I stopped my body landing against the hood of my jeep as I shoved my hand into my front pocket trying to grab my keys. I shouldn’t have chosen the tightest pair of shorts I had.

            “Come on princess, I thought you wanted to see me at my worst…” His voice was growing closer. The tone of his voice sent shivers down my spine and made my insides curl. Just as my fingers touched the cold metal of my keys I felt hot breath at the back of my neck. I stopped wiggling, hell I probably stopped breathing too.

            “Is it true? What you said back there about not being mine?” There was so much deepness to his voice, the words he spoke vibrated against my skin as he skimmed his lips across the side of my throat. A quiver wracked my body. This wasn’t happening, not after everything that we had fought against.

            “It is true.” The words came out in little puffs. I could feel the air around us change it grew hot, electrically charged, like that of the air during a summer nights thunderstorm.

            “Don’t lie to me Noelle.” He growled, one of his fists coming out of nowhere and landing harshly against the car door. His whole body was covering me, crowding me, cornering me.

            “It’s not a lie.” I was done fighting. Everything he did to Dom tonight was not needed not one single thing. I wasn’t his. To him I was just a brat a spoiled fucking brat. I didn’t know pain. Not like he did. I whirled around, coming face to face with the beast inside of him. I couldn’t look away as the darkness in his eyes ate at the good inside of me. I wanted him. I wanted him so fucking bad.

            “You’re right, it’s not a lie. I want you too I want you bad enough that I would break the law for you. I would put myself in danger again just for you.” His words were harsh.

            “I don’t need you too do anything for me…” His hand shot out, his pointer finger landing against my cold lips, all but telling me to be quiet. I could see the danger, it was right there, just like the trigger on a gun waiting to be pulled.

            “For you Noelle I will do anything… There is no limit to the lengths I will go.” I was once again in a trance the power he had over me was overwhelming. I wanted to tell him no a million times over, there was no future, no nothing for either one of us. He was my stepbrother it was wrong, forbidden, dirty to have feelings for him. Wasn’t it?

            “This can’t happen Royal. We can’t do this.” Somehow I got the words I wanted to say out. I casted my eyes down to the grass covered ground. If I looked into his eyes any longer I knew I would give in to whatever it was that he wanted.

            Rough fingers touched my chin, forcing my eyes to come back up to his. My heart throbbed in my chest, and my body shook with desires I wasn’t even aware of. This was a dangerous game we were playing, one that could end with one or both of us hurt.

            “I just want this…” The rest of his words were lost as he placed his warm lips against mine. The taste of blood overwhelmed me, and then it was as if nothing else mattered. The fight between him and Dom didn’t matter Sasha didn’t, my mom, his dad, nothing but us mattered in that one fraction of a second. Everything changed with the impact of that kiss. My knees bowed, and my body warmed all over. Pulses of pleasure filled my abdomen. I was melting into his touch, my nails digging into the muscles of his chest. A moan slipped out between my lips, and Royal was right there swallow up my small cries of pleasure from his lips.

            I wanted him. No, I needed him. I needed that kiss like I needed air in my lungs. His lips devoured mine, his tongue slowly slipping into my mouth. Our tongues mingled together, the pleasure in my belly swirling around and around. I could no longer see what was up or down. I collapsed against the door of my car, Royal’s strong arms being the only thing that held me up. He continued his assault on my mouth and I let him.

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