Review Policy

Of course, as a review site, there is a possibility that I will be sent books to review from publishers/authors. Just know, that all reviews I give will be my own opinion, but I will not intentionally trash the book or author. Plus, all books that will be sent to me will not be sent in any way to others that may use the information to produce their own novels.

 Reviewing Guidelines

I love reading novels that have romance as a major part of it’s story-line. I’m willing to review novels in the following categories:

  • Contemporary Romance
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Historical Romance
  • Erotica
  • Paranormal Erotica
  • Young Adult Romance
  • Young Adult Paranormal Romance

The above list isn’t exhaustive. If a substantial part of the book has romance in it, and it doesn’t fall in my do not accept list, then it doesn’t hurt to ask.

At this time I DO NOT accept:

  • LGBT Romances
  • Non-Fiction

If you would like to submit work to me, please email me at

I have the right to refuse work that does not interest me.


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